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Decades of Experience and Personal Service

Decorah Memorial Company has been in business locally for decades. Our commitment to the community and our neighbors that live here is strong.

You are invited to visit our indoor and outdoor showroom, with personalized, impressive memorials of all kinds. Our professionally trained staff takes the mystery out of memorializing a loved one, whether you have an immediate need, or if you are planning in advance. We’re happy to assist you in the process to ensure that taste and decorum are always at the forefront of the decision making process.

With so many years of experience, Decorah Memorial Company will also answer your questions beyond the design of the memorial, such as:

  • Does the cemetery allow monuments?
  • Does the cemetery require a purchase of a specific number of grave spaces in order to place a monument?
  • Are there restrictions as to the size of monument the cemetery will allow?
  • Are there any special rules or regulations regarding installation of the monument?
  • Does the cemetery tell you that installation costs are part of the lot price, or that you must buy your memorial from them?
  • Selecting a Memorial

    Why We Choose To Memorialize

    Our desire to memorialize our loved ones is as old as mankind. Monuments are among the most ancient records of man’s presence here on earth – still visible, still proclaiming honor and respect for all time.

    It’s natural for all of us to remember and be remembered. You are making a statement for everyone to see, through all eternity, when you place a memorial for someone. You are saying this person was worth remembering, this person was special, and someone loved this person enough to mark his or her life for all time.

    Designing Your Lasting Tribute

    The process of creating a memorial for your loved one is very simple. The experts at Decorah Memorial Company will guide you through the procedure, every step of the way.

    As with any important purchase – especially one that will last for perpetuity – where you purchase your memorial matters. You’ll want to talk someone who has been in the business in your area for a long time, with people you trust. You’ll want to find someone with the technical skill to create the exact kind of memorial you want, who can offer you a wide variety of styles, finishes, and colors. Decorah Memorial Company will work with you to translate your feelings into a personalized design of meaning and beauty.

    The prices of our memorials vary from modest to substantial. Different factors to consider include your selection of material, the size and intricacies of ornamentation and design, and the installation service performed at the place of rest.

    Only you know what is appropriate for you and your family to spend on this timeless investment, Decorah Memorial Company will be happy to discuss the cost with you and explain all of our flexible options for payment.



    Granite is the most commonly used material for cemetery memorials because: it can be shaped and carved beautifully, and it lasts virtually forever. It comes in a variety of colors: blacks, grays, reds, pinks, browns, blues, and greens.


    Known as “the eternal metal,” bronze is used for flat markers, statuary, and as ornamentation in combination with granite.


    Marble is another popular material for memorials. It is well known for its beauty and is used throughout many parts of the United States and abroad.

    Types of Memorials

    Horizontal Tablet

    Wider than they are high, horizontal tablets are typically set on a base. Additional features can include side panels called “wings.” Urns or vases on one or both sides can be used in the design.

    Vertical Tablet

    Vertical tablets are tall, as the name implies, and can be set on a base or directly set on a foundation. When set directly on a foundation, it’s called a monolith. Both horizontal and vertical tablets are designed to provide ample space for carvings, inscriptions and other ornamentation.

    Bevel Markers

    Our bevel markers are above ground level but are typically low in profile height. They are available in individual or companion sizes, and can be personalized with inscriptions and symbols.

    Slant Markers

    Our slant markers are between the height of the lower bevel markers and the larger upright monuments (the horizontal and vertical tablets). They offer sufficient space for highly creative personalized design.

    Flat Markers

    Our flat markers lie level with the ground. Their small size can limit the decoration, although our skilled memorialists can personalize even a flat marker.


    Our ledgers are memorials that cover the entire grave. Even though they are low to the ground, their size does allow for extensive decoration and long inscriptions.

    Garden Memorials

    Our garden memorials range from birdbaths to benches or sundials. They are unique, specially designed decorative pieces similar to those often found in large gardens. They can be used alone or with another upright style monument.


    Crosses are typically used as freestanding pieces. We have many styles of crosses, the most popular being the familiar Latin cross and the highly decorated Celtic cross. Other symbols are also available, as well, including the Star of David and many more.

    Ask your Decorah Memorial Company representative about the features of all our memorial types. They are happy to take all the time you need to reach a decision that will fit you and your loved ones needs.


    Today’s modern technology now allows our memorialists to create personalized, unique memorials through the use of shape, image, texture and inscriptions. Techniques such as sandblasting, shape carving, laser and hand etching now allow intricate scenes to be placed directed on the stone.


    A monument can be designed in literally any shape you can envision, thanks to modern stonecraft technology. Whether it is freeform, entwined hearts, or a special object, your choices in shape are virtually endless.


    A popular way to personalize a memorial is through the use of images. Our memorialists have numerous ways and tools at hand to incorporate the image you want within the design of a memorial. These images can be produced directly in the stone by sandblasting, chiseling, laser and hand etching, or reproduced in ceramic and other materials. Landscapes, scenes, floral and religious ornamentation and even portraits are just a few examples of what can be produced.


    Technology today has also made inscriptions or epitaphs so much easier to add to a monument. Even signatures can be exactly reproduced. Choose inscriptions from song lyrics, famous poems, or something written by the person being memorialized or for them by a loved one. Decorah Memorial Company provides a nearly endless variety of designs and type styles that can be incorporated into your lasting tribute.


    A wide variety of products are also available to be added to a monument, as well. Vases, lighting and photographs can be used in conjunction with a monument.
    Monument designs can be contemporary or classic. Decorah Memorial Company will guide you, as much or as little as you want, to make a choice that is perfect for the eternal remembrance of your loved one.